Two days after our magical wedding day, in absolute sincerity Graeme, my husband looked at me and said “Darling, that was the happiest day of my life!” And I agreed – it was for me too. We truly had the happiest day of our lives. Even from the photographs, it was so clear we did not have to force even one smile! Quite unheard of apparently for a wedding! We were radiant, open hearted and happy… living fully into our theme apt for our Valentines Wedding
“A Celebration of Love”

Having lived in the tropical paradise of Koh Samui for 7 years, we were blessed with “inside information” to find the ultimate romantic, secluded and magical location.

Our ceremony happened at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary (which means realm of the lotus) in their Yantra Hall – nestled amongst granite boulders and trees, overlooking the ocean. Home to a monks cave on the land, the space was sacred and beautiful, perfect for our self-created spiritual, yet personally meaningful ceremony. Even my Uncle Pat – a tough Yorkshire man shed a few tears!

After healthy cocktails we moved to Samudra, a magical beachfront compound, designed and owned by a talented artist who quite literally created a living masterpiece beyond fairytale imagination.

Though not originally designed for weddings, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Sprawling across 2 and a half acres of interesting beachfront (overlooking sandy coves, ancient boulders and outlying islands), with sunset views, lush and stylish gardens. All of the buildings are works of art, created with reclaimed wood collected from around Asia. Much is antique, from old temples to traditional homes, resulting in exotic creations with depth, intrigue and timeless beauty. To make the most of all of the unique parts of the property and magical enclaves we designed several “mini-events” throughout the day…

Our welcome was cocktails and canapés in the dramatic entrance of the Bali house (with antique original reclaimed wood from Balinese temples and dwellings) opening to the infinity pool and picture perfect seascape views.

Relaxing before the reception, enjoying the afternoon sun, our guests cooled their feet in the infinity pool whilst absorbing stunning views of the ocean and outlying islands.

Our reception was classic English garden style, set on perfect lawns yet with the added backdrop of lush tropical vegetation and the ocean Simple and elegant gazebo’s were all that were needed for wedding set-up; the natural beauty of the interesting beachfront and tropical flowers meant we needed to spend very little on decoration! The food was first class (so I’m told) as Graeme and I were too excited to eat much and were having sunset photos on the beach!

At dusk we set off “Chiang Mai balloons” carrying well wishes from our guests. Peaceful and symbolic, these paper lanterns fly with natural fire and create a beautiful, mesmerizing sight amongst the stars.

Awoken from this spell by lively drummers we were led through the enchanted gardens, across wooden stepping stones, our way lit with fire-lamps amidst granite boulders to the spectacular octagon pavilion. At the edge of the ocean, with sweeping panoramic views, this teak wood floored pavilion was the perfect venue for dancing, live musical entertainment and gazing at the stars. Completely covered yet open sided gave the feeling of porous boundaries with nature and special energies for a perfect end to our day. Fully equipped with high quality surround sound systems, pull down screens and projector, multimedia entertainment, even in remote natural setting is easily possible.

Just before midnight we were enticed out of the Pavilion by the drummers, down to the pool for a firework finale.

For our guests the perfect day ended here, but we ventured down towards the beach to our honeymoon suite. Privately set away from the party, secluded amongst rocks yet with sweeping panoramic views, it was a romantic haven. And here we would stay for the first few days of our honeymoon.

With such a spectacular and vast venue, it was a shame to have only one day to explore and enjoy it! So we invited a few friends and family over the next day to enjoy more of the magic in casual style.